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Rules of The Lioness
life's a jungle,
make yourself Queen
Self-help programs always tell you to get higher self-esteem and everything will fall
into place.  What they neglect to teach you is how to do it.  
Rules of The Lioness
will help you discover the rules of the jungle, so you can be QUEEN!
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There are many circumstances in life that we have no control over, but what we can do
is learn the skills to take any situation and turn it into a positive experience.  The ego
can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  When you have mastered how to use it,
your life gets much easier.

The secret to a great life is not only about being positive. These success skills courses
will teach you various ways to find your excellence. They will show you that you have all
the power in your own hands. The best class on finance won't help you get rich, if you
are in your own way.

The exciting thing is knowing that you can do anything you put your mind to.  The brain
is designed to work so that your thoughts lead to actions, which lead to results and the
realization of your dreams! The more you think of something, the more likely you are to
make a move towards making it happen.  Even more amazing is that the universe will
conspire to present opportunities
for you to achieve your dreams.
It's not an accident that you are reading this right now. If your life isn't going the way you want and if things
seem too difficult, then you are in your own way. You are looking for a better life and I hope to help you find it.  
It would be my honor to help you realize your dreams!  

-Kellie Nicholson
The world is changing, are you prepared?

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