Master Life Coach

To look at Kellie Nicholson, you might think she's had a pretty easy life. She's the picture of health and happiness. Well, she says it's been a great life, but definitely not an easy one! Her challenges have been many and her obstacles have been great.

Nicholson's interactive seminars have taken self-help to a new level. The exercises and quizzes she uses are enlightening and effective. She recalls a workshop she conducted on forgiveness where every participant was in tears. Kellie loves to push her clients beyond their limits, sometimes in tears herself when witnessing a breakthrough.

What she says she's learned through it all is that everyone is worth fighting for and anyone can change. Her warmth and inspiration are infectious and motivating. With an honest, down-to-earth style from the heart, Nicholson's seminars are both entertaining and life-changing.

Trained by Steve G. Jones, M. ED., Kellie Nicholson

is certified by the American University of

Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners. Steve G. Jones

authored "You Can Attract It" with Frank Mangano.

He has been a guest expert on CNN,

Fox News and CBS News.