Find Your Excellence
(Success Skills for the Entertainment Business)
Copyright 2011      Kellie Nicholson
You will never find success without the life skills to be your best.  Self-sabotage can kill the
career of the most talented entertainer.  In this workshop you will examine your strengths and
weaknesses, your wishes and desires and your special talents and insecurities.  Before you
do anything else, you must explore how YOU are contributing to your own lack of success.  

No one should miss this opportunity!  This interactive, success skills workshop is a fun way to
build your confidence, find your excellence and change your life.  Life is better when you book
more jobs, earn more money and have better relationships.  This course could change

Using her experience as an actor, professional speaker and life coach, Kellie Nicholson will
share with you her techniques for success in the most crucial areas of life. Her background in
the entertainment industry includes working at one of the world's largest talent agencies,
training in the Meisner Technique, acting in film, television, commercials and on-stage,
judging beauty contests and producing live talent shows.  Using her insight, she will light the
way for you to shine.
~ Disappointed in where you are now?
~ Don’t know why you aren't booking auditions?
~ Haven't learned to stop procrastinating?
~ Aren't loving the creative process?
~ In an unhappy relationship?
~ Can’t find the right agent?
~ Nothing going your way?
~ Struggling to pay the bills?
~ Always making the wrong choices?
Find the excellence in you with this soul-searching program.  With a down-to-earth style,
Kellie loves to push her clients and students beyond their limits, sometimes in tears herself
when witnessing a breakthrough.  What she says she's learned through it all is that
everyone is worth fighting for and anyone can succeed!
Personal Growth Center
for Excellence in Life
Find Your Excellence
(Success Skills for the Entertainment Business)
Weekend Workshop
and Sunday
12 pm - 6:30 pm
(half-hour snack break)
Group Rates
(Southern California)
2 - 5           $1,500
each additional person
Ask about reduced
rates for acting
, agencies,
writers' workshops

and special events.
Weekend Workshops:
Saturday and Sunday
12 pm - 6:30 pm
(half-hour snack break)

All workshops to be
held at your location.
Call to book date:  (818) 396-5477
What former students have said:
"There was so much I didn't know about myself, and I didn't know I knew so little."
"Stimulating.  Inspiring.  Excited to use the info..."
"It was the push I needed to identify certain things about myself
and get what I wanted in certain areas of life."
" I feel much more whole, like much more of a complete woman after that course."
"Everyone should take this course before they do anything else!"
"Find Your Excellence" instructor, Kellie Nicholson, at work:
Take this life-changing course online in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  You will
receive weekly lessons to read and assignments to do for 6 weeks.  Each assignment
includes a scheduled 5-minute phone call with your life coach, Kellie Nicholson to clarify
exercises and discuss progress.

Find your excellence and be the star you were born to be!

Register here and you will receive your first lesson within 24 hours.

Find Your Excellence, Success Skills for the Entertainment Business Online Workshop