Q:  Who uses a life coach?
A:  Everyone and anyone could use a life coach.  Just as an athlete uses a coach to improve their performance, successful people use life
coaches to reach their peak levels of success.

Q:  What does a life coach do?
A:  Life coaching is a growing industry in response to the changing world.  Many people are feeling lost and left behind, but with a life coach,
you can accelerate your progress in many areas of life.

Q:  When should I use a life coach?
A:  If you are not feeling 100% satisfied with every area of your life, then a life coach could help you reach your goals.  However, life coaches
cannot help you, if your issues are due to substance abuse or emotional trauma.  

Q:  Where does life coaching take place?
A:  You may meet with your life coach in person or communicate via email or telephone.  More people choose to use email or the telephone for
convenience and to enjoy the benefits of lower cost.

Q:  Why has life coaching become so popular?
A:  Life coaching is a serious profession that helps people become winners in life.  Schools are not teaching life skills, which has left many
people to fend for themselves.  As the world has become more complicated, people
are finding that a life coach can help them reach their greatest potential for excellence in life.  

Q:  How can I be sure that I need a life coach?
A;  Fill out the application here and you will receive an assessment in the next 24 hours.
Life and Business Coach
Call for answers to all of your questions or to schedule your first session.  Six-month
coaching packages have been found to be the most effective, so that is the only option
for personal coaching at this time.  If you feel it's not for you, then try starting with the
online Find Your Excellence course.
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Kellie Nicholson's system of coaching is designed to quickly help you get on track.  Whether it's your business or your personal life,
she will use her skills as a certified life coach and successful entrepreneur to assess your areas of difficulty.  

Kellie aims to help you help yourself, so you won't have to rely on her or anyone else to take charge of
your life.  Her specialty is in
helping clients reach their potential, discover their passion and transform their life.  

Trained by Steve G. Jones, M. ED., Kellie Nicholson is certified by the American University of Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners.  Steve G.

Jones authored "You Can Attract It" with Frank Mangano.  He has been a guest expert on CNN, Fox News and CBS News.
There are life coaches who will gently nudge you and tell you all the wonderful, positive things you want to hear. Then, there's Kellie Nicholson,
the kind of coach who accepts no excuses, who pushes people to the limits, who doesn't let you give up.  She will evaluate your business and
personal needs.  Then, Kellie will give you a recommendation to work with her or she will refer you to the appropriate professional.  Before
you place your call, fill out the online application,
click here.

The selection process is based upon your needs and your ability to accept assignments and carry them out.  If you are tired of repeating the

same patterns over and over again, then you are most likely open to being coached.  Your true desire to change is required, as there are no
short-cuts to a better life.  

You can read 100 books on losing weight, but if you don't clear out the emotional issues for overeating, then
you will still fail to lose weight.  
If you can't find the right romantic partner, then you can be sure, it's you with the issues.  That's great news, because you have the power to
change.  A little coaching can help you see clearly what you need to do to reach your goals and attain your dreams.

Kellie can help you with common issues that keep you from making more money, losing weight and having  meaningful relationships with quick

and effective results, but only if you understand that you must have the desire to change. Life is a competitive sport, which requires a winning
coach.  You can be a winner or you can be a spectator.
~ higher self-esteem
~ setting and reaching goals
~ establishing boundaries
~ healthy relationships
~ self-awareness
~ career discipline
~ image make-over
~ people skills
~ motivation
~ marketing
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Find Your Excellence 6-Month Telephone Coaching:
One-hour telephone session / week:  $2995
Find Your Excellence 6-Month Person-to-Person Coaching:
One hour live session / week:  $5,9000
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