Find Your Excellence
(Success Skills for Life)
Copyright 2020      Kellie Nicholson
You will never find success without the life skills to be your best.  A great class on how to start a
business, how to attract your soul-mate or where to invest your money won’t give you positive results,
if you are standing in the way of your own happiness.  Before you do anything else, you must explore
how YOU are contributing to your own lack of success.  

If you feel that you are not living up to your greatest ability, then take this opportunity to explore your
passions and your potential!  This interactive, success skills workshop is a fun way to bond with friends,
heal relationships, find your purpose and change your life.  One sentence can change your point of
view. One change in your point of view can make a big difference. One difference can change everything.

When many self-help programs promise a life-changing experience, they are not being completely
honest.  No one can change your life, except you.  These types of courses are only as effective as
the student is ready.  No one can live your life for you.  If you are not where you want to be, it's your

You cannot blame anyone else, as you are the one who makes your decisions every day.  
That's great news, because it means that you have all the power to make changes and get everything
you want.  The problem is that no one taught you how.  Personal issues and weaknesses got in your
way, and now you are left to fend for yourself.  
~ Disappointed in where you are now?
~ Don’t know what you want out of life?
~ Haven't learned to stop procrastinating?
~ Don’t have a career you love?
~ In an unhappy relationship?
~ Can’t find the right man or woman?
~ Feel like something is missing in your life?
~ Struggling to pay the bills?
~ Always making the wrong choices?
~ Not living up to your potential?
The truth is that there are great jobs out there, no one burned all the money, you should be able to find
your soul-mate on a planet of billions of people and life is only a disappointment, because you aren’t
doing something right.  The great news is that YOU can change the problem!

Find your excellence!  Get on track with this success skills workshop conducted by Kellie Nicholson,
motivational speaker, business consultant and life coach.  She will teach you how to coach yourself.  This
workshop is like months of life coaching.  With a down-to-earth style, Kellie loves to push her clients and
students beyond their limits, sometimes in tears herself when witnessing a breakthrough.  What she says
she's learned through it all is that everyone is worth fighting for and anyone can succeed!
Find Your Excellence Live Weekend Workshop
$495 / per person at your location
Ask about reduced
rates for women's
groups and special

All workshops to be
held at your location.
Weekend Workshops:
12 pm - 6:30 pm
(half-hour snack break)

You may
reschedule with
24 hours' notice.
Call to book date:  (818) 396-5477
Take this life-changing course online in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  You
will receive weekly lessons to read and assignments to do for 6 weeks.  Each assignment
includes a scheduled 5-minute phone call with your life coach, Kellie Nicholson, to clarify
exercises and discuss progress.

The "Find Your Excellence" online workshop is for those who have a good life, but might
occasionally get thrown off-track without being prepared.  As human beings evolve
emotionally, our world and relationships become more complicated and difficult.  Without
the tools to handle awkward and disappointing situations, you can destroy relationships
and lose good jobs.

Success with sales, intimate partnerships and business interactions are influenced by
your quick-thinking and immediate responses.  "Find Your Excellence" will help you better
understand yourself and improve your reactions to difficult situations.  With renewed
confidence, you could face the world with a more positive outlook and faith that you can
take on anything that comes your way.  Find your excellence and get on with life!

Register here and you will receive your first lesson within 24 hours.

What former students have said:
"There was so much I didn't know about myself, and I didn't know I knew so little."
"Stimulating.  Inspiring.  Excited to use the info..."
"It was the push I needed to identify certain things about myself
and get what I wanted in certain areas of life."
" I feel much more whole, like much more of a complete woman after that course."
"Everyone should take this course before they do anything else!"
Find Your Excellence Online Modules
The mistake many of us make is to focus on one area of our life without understanding
that it may be a different issue holding us back from everything we want.  Find Your
Excellence focuses on many separate facets of life that could reveal harmful habits,
negative thinking, emotional damage, time wasted and misdirected anger.

For only $50 a week you can find your way, find your magic and find your excellence - the
bests parts of you.  Each module includes a 5-minute phone call with your life coach, Kellie
Nicholson, and one lesson with exercises and activities, which will be delivered weekly via
email beginning within 24 hours after payment.
Who Do You Think You Are?
searching for fulfillment

What Have You Done for Me Lately?
getting what you need in a relationship

When Are You Going to Be Happy?
taking charge of your life

Where Are You Going?
creating your future

Why Is Life So Difficult?
understanding the obstacles of life

How Much Are You Worth?
defining your own success
Find Your Excellence Online Workshop    
Group Rates
(Southern California)
$4,950:  10 attendees
$195:  each additional person
"There is nothing more important than personal growth."
Your ultimate purpose is to live up to your greatest potential.  

"The only true happiness comes from within."
It's impossible to enjoy the gifts of life until you have cleaned out your heart.

"Success isn't so difficult when your instrument is in tune."
Empower yourself to reach levels of success beyond your dreams.
Call (818) 396-5477
for groups
of 20 or more
for discounted rate