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The Lioness
a female with fierce courage
Tales of the Lioness
There is a Lioness in every woman.  All over the world women raise their children, serve in politics, practice
medicine, volunteer to help charities and stand up for their rights.  Be a Lioness and give other lady cats your
Unleash the Lioness in You

Volume 1 (Cover 1)
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collection of stories by
women with fierce courage
Lioness (li´·on·ess) n. a female with fierce courage.

The beauty of a woman lies in her heart.  With the same tenderness she doles out,

she can harden to endure some of life’s greatest horrors.  There is a conviction
in the female psyche that gives her courage equal to the bravest of soldiers.  This
compilation of stories and tales demonstrates the resiliency, power and strength
shared by these women, lionesses in the jungle of life.
Stories Authored by
Char Atkins
Audrey Marie Avila
Roxy Banjo
Robyn Marie Butt
Kassady Clayton
Heidi A. Crocini
Wendy Hauptman
Khristina Jamison
Falon Jordan
Linda Kaidin
Martine Kinkade
Christann Manning
Karina McDonald
Kelly Mullis
Kellie Nicholson
Alice O’Hanlon
Debra Springer-Yanni
Maggie Stansfield
Kimbra Westervelt
Grab a box of tissues and step into the shoes of these fierce, courageous women.

You will be touched by the stories of courage and hope as told by these incredible women.  This collection of tales about overcoming
obstacles, tragedies and loss are inspirational testaments to the will of the female.

If you know a woman who has lost a child, battled cancer, faced a disability, survived sexual assault, struggled in business, lost a
parent, fought racism, suffered child abuse, had a near-death experience or succeeded beyond her dreams, then you will relate to the
stories told by these amazing women who have bared their hearts and souls.

Inspiring and humbling, the ladies who authored this collection of tales are truly women with fierce courage.  Share their journeys of
triumph, victory, success and pride.
"Women give life meaning,  If it were up to men,
the world would be one big sporting event."
           - Lincoln Maxwell
"To those who are worthy, a woman's love is
capable of extending deeper than the sea,
wider than the universe and longer than eternity."
      - Michael Richardson
"When a woman decides she wants something,
I've learned to step aside and watch the magic."
           - Michael Martin
"I welcome the chatter of women.  When a
woman is silent, there is reason for concern.
Good reason."
             - George Miles
"What I most admire about women is
their ability to forgive.  Being a man, I
wish they had the same capacity of
kindness to forget."
- Marcus Livingston
"A woman's greatest strength lies in
her smile.  I have fallen captive many
- Stefan Jackson
"Women don't need someone to fail in
order to feel like they've succeeded;
indeed it seems they often feel their
successes are failures if
everyone didn't

- Joe Van De Veere
"When they run in packs, there is nothing
more intimidating.  Yeah, women are the
superior sex."
- Kirk Vincent
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The Boss Always Sits in the Back
“Women…I’ve lost my heart, my mind,
a fortune, homes, careers and
friendships over them.  Yet I long to be
in an intelligent woman’s company,
life and heart.  Life may teach us many
lessons, but then…there are women.”
- Jon D’Amore
“Our world desperately needs more
women who are empowered and more
men who can accept the goddess in
their hearts.”
- Rich Sesma II
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