To look at Kellie Nicholson, you might think she's had a pretty easy life.  She's the picture of health and happiness.  Well,
she says it's been a great life, but definitely not an easy one!  Her challenges have been many and her obstacles have
been great.

An over-achiever in school, earning high grades... varsity cheerleader... co-editor of the high school newspaper...
secretary of the National Honor Society... and the list goes on, she attended college on an academic scholarship, where
she was also on the Dean's list.  Additionally, Nicholson was named Cheerleader of the Year for the USFL Orlando
Renegades Professional Football Team.  

In New York City she acquired her real estate license, where she showed multi-million dollar homes.  Upon landing in
Los Angeles, she worked for the world's largest talent agency where she discovered that she preferred to be involved
with the production of television shows and movies, both in front of and behind the camera.  She studied the Meisner
technique, appeared on "Days of Our Lives" in a minor role for two years and acted in various stage productions.

Kellie Nicholson owns two greeting card businesses, one that raises funds for charity.  Using her creative talents she
also created the Grandma Gillie character, featured in a series of children's stories she wrote.  However, she claims
that her most rewarding venture is that of a motivational speaker, giving her the opportunity to change lives, inspire hope
and help others build futures.  Nicholson's interactive seminars have taken self-help to a new level.  The exercises and
quizzes she uses are enlightening and effective.  She recalls a workshop she conducted on forgiveness where every
participant was in tears.  

Sometimes compared to Rachel Ray for her down-to-earth style, she has also been called Oprah, Jr.  Kellie loves to
push her clients beyond their limits, sometimes in tears herself when witnessing a breakthrough.  What she says she's
learned through it all is that everyone is worth fighting for and anyone can change.   

Invite Kellie Nicholson to your next event!  Her warmth and inspiration are infectious and motivating.  With an honest,
down-to-earth style from the heart, Nicholson's seminars are both entertaining and life-changing.
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Inspirational Speaker
Kellie Nicholson
Who do you think you are?
searching for fulfillment

What have you done for me lately?
getting what you need in a relationship

When are you going to be happy?
taking charge of your life

Where are you going?
creating your future

Why is life so difficult?
understanding the obstacles of life

How much are you worth?
defining your own success
Invite Kellie Nicholson to speak at your next event.  Her seminars can be tailored to fit your organization's needs.  
She can give an inspirational pep talk for fifteen minutes or a thought-provoking seminar that will last from one to
three hours.  Rate:  $100 / hour